AS9100D Renewal Press Release

Parker Fasteners Renews Accreditation for AS9100D Accreditation_Renewal_Press_Release.pdf   PRI Registrar recognizes Parker Fasteners for its sustained commitment to continual improvement in their quality management system   Parker Fasteners announces that it has received accreditation for AS9100D.  Scope of Registration includes: Domestic Cold Heading Manufacturer of Socket Screws, Specialty Per Print Fasteners, and Straight-Die Thread Rolling […]

Parker Fasteners Purchase Announcement

Goodyear, AZ— May 31, 2019 — Parker Fasteners announces its 7th anniversary as an international, full-service, cold heading socket drive fastener manufacturing company. Parker Fasteners takes great pride in making quality socket drive fasteners, meeting customer product specifications and delivering on or before promised due dates. On April 30, 2019, Parker Fasteners completed the purchase of […]