Supplier Partners & Vendors

“You’re Only as Good as Your Worst Supplier”

Parker Fastener’s top priority is meeting our customer’s level of expectations. This includes delivery, price, and quality. Every supplier involved in the supply chain has a direct impact on our service level to customers. Our goal is to be viewed as “best in class” from the customer’s eyes. In order to achieve this goal, we must partner with the best suppliers and develop strong relationships in which both parties equally benefit.

Any supplier/vendor doing business with Parker Fasteners is controlled by the Supplier Handbook. This manual defines the minimum requirements and expectations set forth to companies accepting purchase orders. This manual is intended to communicate expectations to ensure our quality of products and services are best in class. Each supplier’s leadership has the responsibility to ensure their organization understands and is complying with this manual. Any questions regarding conformity should be directed to your appropriate Parker Fasteners contact for resolution.

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Supplier Handbook:

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